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Locations for couples in Sarajevo

May 29, 2021

When it comes to taking photos with your beloved ones, locations are the hardest things to decide. Whether you decide and think you have chosen the perfect location there is always something better, cooler, etc.I’m a full-time wedding photographer and filmmaker, and in this article, I will tell you why you might want to keep your destination simple yet beautiful. After attending over 25 weddings in 2019 I can say that I have been in places, in many places for taking photos, recording love stories. Sarajevo is the city where East and West meets, it’s quite easy to notice that while walking in the streets, buildings, bridges.


In the center of the city, there are many locations to enjoy, people to ignore, I often take my couples to the city where they can see other people, them rushing, working, gives them the feeling of something else, this time they are here for something else, not for a coffee, not for shopping. To make memories.


After the streets of the city, which is better than having a break breathtaking view of the capital. A place called “Zuta Tabija-Yellow Fortress”, is the all-time-favorite place of couples. Just two of you, feeling the sun together with a beautiful sunset.

Zuta Tabija

If you do not like the crowd, see less buildings but more nature ” Trebevic” is nothing less than another beautiful location you can stop by.


Before heading to nature, there are couple of places we have to visit for astonishing interior photos. Speaking of interiors, a place called “Vijećnica” former library, currently a museum, hosting events, is one of the famous buildings in the world, yes, in the world.


Let’s jump into another location, this time instead of history and culture, nature will be what we are seeking for.

Place 8km away from the city center, called “Vrelo Bosne” is no doubt favorite locations for tourists, couples, families who are looking for a calm place to rest, enjoy their vacation or weekend, away from the city.

Vrelo Bosne
Rimski Most

I have listed some of my favorite places to visit and make photos as a couple in Sarajevo, now it’s your turn to find your favorites:)

Honorable mentions:

At Mejdan

You can always rent a vintage car 🙂

Narodno Pozoriste / Sarajevo National Theatre
The National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bijambare / Little far but worth it 🙂

P.s All the photos and videos embedded above are created by the writer of the article, which is me:)

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